Chatbots como herramienta de mercadeo

Los marketeros que logren incorporar los chatbots dentro de su estrategia de redes sociales están en un nivel superior y seguramente los mantendrá siempre por delante. Eso es lo que dice la revista Entrepreneur.

Según varios expertos, estos son los principales beneficios que se pueden obtener desde el punto de vista de mercadeo con el uso de chatbots

  • Mejorar el servicio y la satisfacción del cliente, al responder de manera inmediata sus requerimientos y reclamos
  • Conocer y entender mejor a cada cliente: cuando el chatbot conversa directamente con cada uno de los clientes, puede obtener información y datos específicos que pueden ser aprovechados para generar perfiles de clientes o potenciales clientes con gran detalle


2. Consumer analysis

Chatbots can play a large role analyzing customer data, and optimizing sales and marketing strategies in light of this analysis.

According to Forbes, “Chatbots can be programmed to track purchasing patterns and monitor data from consumers. This tells a company which products to market differently, which to market more and which to redevelop for relaunch.”

This means that you will save money by not having to hire another analyst and that the analysis will be higher level due to the lack of human error.

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3. Personalized ads

Another chatbot strategy that’s proven to be successful is the creation of personalized ads.

These work as follows: When a customer reaches out to your chatbot with a customer service inquiry, the chatbot will greet the customer, gather some preliminary information, then ask that the customer hold for a moment. During that interval, the customer’s name and other information can be used to generate personalized advertisements. Personalized ads are often useful in sales conversions.

An important point here is that while chatbots can be a great backup for real employees, as an alternative to call waiting, they have to appear real. If the chatbot is low quality and the customer can tell it’s not human, the result may be damaging customer feelings toward the brand.

4. Proactive customer interaction

Most brands employ passive customer interaction, i.e., they only respond to customers and do not reach out. But, instead of waiting for the customer to initiate contact with your brand, you should reach out.

Chatbots are ideal for these “reach out” initiatives. To do this, the accompanying action should be something small, like inquiring whether or not the customer needs assistance — which lets the customer know that the brand is present and available to assist as needed. This alone will boost the customer’s feelings of closeness to the brand.

5. Site feedback

Chatbots are great for reaching out to customers via simple questions and the gathering of feedback. This strategy is useful, especially for website optimization. Garnering feedback from customers will help you fix low converting pages and improve your site all around.

For example, if you have a landing page that receives huge numbers in organic traffic, but no one is buying, you could have your chatbot reach out with a survey, to glean information as to why people are leaving the page without purchasing.

6. Lead-nurturing

Using the information that chatbots collect about a customer, you can create customized messaging that guides the consumer along his or her “buyer’s journey,” ensuring movement in the right direction that achieves higher conversion rates.

You want to be careful to not be annoying with customized messaging, however. There is a fine line. It would also be wise to do some A/B testing on your customized messages to see what types of copy work best.

7. Maintain a presence on a messenger act via a chatbot.

Mobile messaging apps are taking over, Adweek’s Tomanchek wrote early last year. “Messaging apps are used almost nine times a day, five times the average for all mobile apps,” the site said. “A month after installation, messaging apps have nearly double the retention rate of the average for all apps, 68 percent versus 38 percent.”

By maintaining a presence on a messenger app via a chatbot, you can save money while simultaneously remaining available for your customers 24 hours a day.

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